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Weeding Through the Facts & Alcohol Uncorked

Please only sign-up for Weeding Through the Facts or Alcohol Uncorked if you have been sanctioned to complete the program as a result of a Student Code violation.

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The BASICS program utilizes a harm reduction approach and is designed to:

• Promote a non-judgmental environment to help students explore their alcohol use
• Provide individualized feedback to reduce the risk and harmful consequences of alcohol use
• The University of Connecticut’s BASICS program is based on a program created by Dr. Alan Marlatt, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Addictive Behaviors Research Center at the University of Washington. The BASICS program is one of the most effective evidence-based alcohol education interventions with college students


The MAPP program utilizes a harm reduction approach and is designed to:

• Promote a non-judgmental environment to help students explore their marijuana use
• Provide individualized feedback to reduce the risk and harmful consequences of marijuana use

Time Commitment:

Both the BASICS & MAPP programs consist of two sessions with a Student Health and Wellness, Health Promotion staff member. During the first session, students meet individually with a facilitator and complete an assessment. During the second session, the student and staff member review the individualized assessment results and explore ways to reduce future health, social, and legal risks.

Policies and Other Information About Our Programs


The information that you share during your BASICS or MAPP sessions is private. If a student indicates that they may harm themselves or others, that another person is being harmed, discloses information regarding sexual violence (stalking, dating violence, sexual assault) or a court order is issued, information will be disclosed as appropriate per university requirements.

Fee Structure:

  • Students who are referred to our office from the Storrs campus to fulfill a university educational intervention requirement will be charged a $25 fee for each visit that will be charged directly to your student fee bill by the Bursar’s office
  • Students who self-refer or are referred from the Stamford campus will not be charged a fee
    • Students who have been mandated to the program (at Storrs) are not eligible for the self-referral option
  • If you have concerns about the financial implications associated with a sanctioned educational intervention provided by the Alcohol & Other Drug Education Office and would like to discuss other options, please contact Emily Pagano, Alcohol & Other Drug Education Coordinator, at

No-Show Fee:

If you are not able to make this appointment, please cancel your appointment online and reschedule. If a student has missed their appointment, they will have to reschedule the appointment. There will be a $25 no-show fee assessed if a student:

  • Cancels the appointment less than 24 hours prior to the appointment
  • Misses the appointment
  • Arrives late for the appointment without calling to inform the office of a delay

How to Cancel/ Reschedule an Appointment:

A student should cancel or reschedule their appointment at least 24 hours prior to their session time, in order to avoid a No-Show fee ($25).

BASICS & MAPP Appointments: Log onto your student health portal  here.  Under the Appointment Scheduling tab select My appointments.  There, you will have the option to cancel and reschedule your appointment.  Please be aware that if you are canceling or rescheduling your second appointment, you must reschedule within a week in order to avoid restarting the program. T he second session must be completed within 3 weeks of the first session. A student that is unable to complete their sessions within 3 weeks may be required to take both sessions again.

Alcohol Uncorked & Weeding Through the Facts:

To cancel and reschedule both sessions for either program, log onto Nexus and cancel the first appointment you signed up for. To reschedule, just pick a new appointment time. Note: Students participating in Weeding Through the Facts or Alcohol Uncorked must attend both sessions. For example, if you cancelled the second session you were signed up for you would need to sign up for a separate set of appointments and attend both.

If you have questions about cancelling or rescheduling please contact Emily Pagano at

Inclement Weather:

The Health Promotion team in Student Health and Wellness follows the University’s lead as to opening and closing on days when inclement weather may affect our operation. If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, your scheduled appointment with us will be cancelled. Please contact Student Health and Wellness during the next business day, at 860-486-9431 to reschedule your appointment.


  • For Storrs campus students, the BASICS & MAPP programs are located in Student Health and Wellness, the Health Promotion office, in South Campus, Wilson Hall, Room 124.
  • For Stamford campus students, BASICS & MAPP will be held virtually over the web. A link to meet virtually will be shared with you once you select your appointment times.
  • For Weeding Through the Facts or Alcohol Uncorked, please see location details in your appointment confirmation in Nexus.

Contact Us:

Please contact us if you have any questions.

You can reach the Health Promotion team within Student Health and Wellness at (860) 486-9431.